Free Youth Ministry - Studies

Free Youth Ministry

Here are a bunch of youth talks, Bible studies, curriculum, etc. (*) means from links, (**) means by me, (***) means by others.


*Answers in Genesis
(Research on creation and other Genesis stories)

(Statistical research on religious topics - click on "Barna by Topic")

*Bizarre Bids
(weird things on Ebay make great illustrations)

*Blue Fish TV
(click on "Downloadable Videos" -> "Free Downloads")

**Chris' Illustration directory

(all kinds of ways to soup up a lesson)

*Crazy Reports
(crazy news stories also make great illustrations)

(Bible study resources)

*Egad Ideas
(Creative ideas for all kinds of sermons, talks, and activities)

*Endless Jokes
(Categorized jokes - Be careful about appropriateness)

*I Love WAVs
(free sound clips)

*Sermon Illustrations
(browse illustrations by category)

*Sermon Spice
(click on "Free Video")

*Simply Youth Ministry
(You name it, it's there.)

*The Source for Youth Ministry
(Again, you name it, it's there.)

*Youth Specialties
(Free illustrations and other stuff)

Sunday School Curriculum

*Global Youth Ministry
(Creative, downloadable Bible studies)

*Group Publishing
(click on "Free Samples" -> "Free Group Product Samples")

(click on "Free Stuff")

*Simply Youth Ministry
(click on "Small Groups")

*The Source for Youth Ministry
(Navigate on the left column links)

*Youth Pastor
(click on "Lessons")

*Youth Specialties
(Free curriculum and other stuff)

Youth Talks / Sermons

*Egad Ideas
(click on "Children's Sermons")

*H2O (Dean Hawk)
(click on "Free Sermon")

*Simply Youth Ministry
(click on "Sermons")

*The Source for Youth Ministry
(click on "Talks/Sermons")

Retreat / Event Curriculum

*Egad Ideas
(All you want for retreats and events)

*Global Youth Ministry
(click on "Themed Events")

*The Source for Youth Ministry
(All you want)

©2007 Chris L. Koch